An Introduction

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Photo by @dionwiyoko

Hi everyone!! Welcome to the very first page of our blog, BakePack! Just like the name itself, we name this blog from two of our main hobbies, which is baking and travelling. So if you’re someone who loves food (who don’t love food?), cake, baking and you are a travel enthusiast who loves photography, you are very welcome here. If neither those two are yours, don’t worry, you can still continue reading! We also love to share our daily life with all the positiveness and the sweet sour inside. Sharing means caring right?

Now let us introduce ourselves. This is me. My name is Fiona Anthony Dewi, you can call me Fiona for short. I’m a fairly happy girl, seasonal baker who also loves to write, an ex air stewardess and also very soon to be (ehem) Mrs Wiyoko. So, I’ll be the main and maybe the only writer in this blog. If you think my point of view is just too girly, sensitive or so, just bare with it, cause like what my fiance told me, I’m a lady in forever PMS! Oopsie.

This is the fiance. Yup. Maybe some of you are more familiar with this face rather than mine. What to do. Can’t argue that he’s more famous than me (for this time being). This 6 feet tanned figure, full with muscle and fart, my pineapple head, the one and only man who own my heart, Dion Wiyoko. He’s currently in the busiest moment in his life yet so far, since I came back to Jakarta for good. He has to juggle between his career as an actor and his daily life as my super fiance. 

I know what you guys are thinking, like seriously, blog? Now? Like saying welcome back to 90’s. Well, basically I like to write, since a long time ago. Sadly in the past few years, five years to be exact, I was too busy with my job as an air stewardess. Trust me, later on I’ll share more about my life back then, about my journey around the globe, what I learned from my life overseas, the fact that the further I go the more I miss home and to the point that I start realizing on how precious our life is. It was really impossible for me to write that time even when I had so much to talk to and to share.

So, now would be the perfect time for me to share all my past five years experiences plus I am so lucky to have a partner like Dion, who always support me and even better, we can create this blog together. He’s been waiting for for years to have a place to share all his travel experiences and his photography hobby. From now on, I would be the writer and he is the photographer. Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to accommodate his thought, his point of view thru this blog. Trust me, this guy loves to talk. But he is not a good writer. So we some kind like completing each other. Isn’t it great?
Like what I mentioned early on, other than writing, I love to bake. I love to bake a pretty cake. Don’t ask me how to make a cream puff or crispy croissant, but mention any cake with buttercream, I’m IN!

This is what Dion’s speciality. His current passion and hobby. Photography. Some people called him the master of framing. Which frankly speaking, I have no idea about that. For me, same for all girls out there, as long as I look pretty and slim, I’m good. Me and Dion agreed that his photography hobby come hand in hand with our dynamic life style, that bring us to travel very very often.

Curug Ciparay - Tasikmalaya (2017)
Curug Dengdeng - Tasikmalaya (2017)
Cemara Sewu Beach - Yogyakarta (2017)
Pinggan Village - Bali (2016)
Petritoli - Italy (2016)
Marina Bay Sands - Singapore (2017)
We’re quite lucky that we had spent sometimes together overseas. Visiting different countries in the past few years. Even it’s not like holiday for two of us. I was on duty as air stewardess while he was there for some movie shoot. Maybe it’s fate, but we believe it’s because of our hard work as well. We had to sacrifice our rest, juggling in between the movie set, but anyway, it’s all worthed. All those great memories that we shared, makes us now, as a solid and great couple.

London (2015)
London (2015)
Jimbaran - Bali (2016)
Rome - Italy (2016)
Tokyo - Japan (2016)
Well, maybe that would be all for this first introduction page for our blog. Hope we can share and make this blog as an enjoyable one. But for sure, there will be lot of giggle, delicious cake and beautiful photo. Stay tuned! Til next time, people.

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