The Perfect Pre Wedding (story behind the scene)

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What come across to your mind when you see this photo?

Beautiful couple with such a good life? How lucky this couple is? Well, you’re not wrong. But have you ever thought of the struggle that we had to overcome in order to get this perfect photo? The struggle is real baby. More over if no one can row the boat. Haha.

Before I met Dion, I used to be so envious whenever I see someone else pictured perfectly with such a beautiful life in one frame. But now, after I understand a little about the story behind it, I change from someone who’s used to be so envious to the admirer. It is not easy to get one single perfect photo. As a newbie who just experienced this new world, I can tell that indoor and outdoor photo shoot are both challenging and not easy. It has its own difficulty in different way.

It might be challenging and not easy but I don’t say that it won’t be fun. We are so blessed to have such a perfect team to work with. They’re not just talented but they’re the best people to work with. It really feels like a holiday for all of us. Such a fun day. So memorable for all of us.

I can say that the first day of the photo shoot is the most difficult for us. It’s due to the weather condition in Tokyo. It supposed to be warmer but seems like winter won’t go away. It was way too cold for spring. Shinjuku Gyoen is famous as one of the best spot to enjoy the cherry blossom so we started our first photo session in the famous garden located in the heart of Tokyo.

There were two gowns and two suits for two different spot in Shinjuku Gyoen. One of the gown that I have to put on is a midi dress. So I have no choice, I have to remove all my jacket, thermal and my stocking. It was freezing cold. Ladies, I think I have to mention this. It is important for you to have someone who can help you with the wardrobe changing. There is no way we can zip and handle all these dress alone.

The other problem of outdoor photo shoot is the crowd. Yes baby, the people. Even more it’s spring time where people around the world come to Japan to enjoy the cherry blossom. When you see such a beautiful photo without anybody else except the couple in frame, you have to salute the whole team. It is not easy at all. There must be someone who can shamelessly keep excusing us and keep the area clear of the crowd. Nobody loves a photobomb I guess. The photographer itself has to stay focused. While the couple has to be ready and stay in pose at anytime.

I know it sounds so difficult but as you can see, there are so much laughter during our shoot. We just can’t believe with all this whole idea about pre wedding overseas. It is so crazy. We have to travel across the country, together with the whole team, luggage, wardrobe and make up.  We can’t stop laughing thinking about who could be the first person who created these crazy idea in a first place. But at the end of the day, when we looked into all the beautiful photos and moments that we captured, it is all worthed.

On the same day we went to Hakone for the next session. Seems like my struggle never end. The cold wind and breeze in Shinjuku Gyoen is nothing compared to the thick snow in Hakone. Even more I still need to put on my high heels and walked on snow. All my toes turn red and numb. I can’t feel anything! It is one heck experience in a life time that I will never forget. I deserve a clap for this.

When I think that the day is almost done, I was totally wrong. We need to head to the next location for the last shoot of the day. It was in the lake in mountain side. It’s almost dawn and it’s drizzling. It is one of the coldest day in my life. But you’ve got to see the result. It’s mind blowing.

Well, for some of you who’s planning to do overseas pre wedding shoot, you might want to plan everything from now. You should ask around get the most experienced team. Even you’re a globetrotter or world traveler, this kind of photo shoot is a total different thing. We thank God we have such an experienced team from All Seasons.

We also would like to thank Sisca and Ivan who drive us around during our stay in Tokyo. We will share their contact for all of you who might need private tour service around Japan. For Indonesian especially, you guys don’t need to worry ‘cause other then they speak Bahasa Indonesia, they have free sambal and chili sauce for all of you who start missing the spicy Indonesian food. Home away from home!

Should you require their service during your stay in Japan, just drop a message thru their IG account @satami_japantour

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  1. Ooh! It indeed is very perfect. Firstly, the place very pretty and secondly, I need to hire this photographer for my wedding photoshoot. My fiancé has booked one of my favorite LA venues for the wedding day and I am going to surprise him with a photoshoot plan.