Bright and Melbourne

10:01 PM

While writing this post, we’re on our flight back to Jakarta from Sydney. Gosh, it was so close. We were running and rushing to our gate. Our first flight from Melbourne to Sydney was on delayed due to the strong wind. Glad we could make it for this flight. There was a last minute gate changing in Sydney which add on drama to our late arrival from Melbourne. Well, it’s all done. We’re on our way home now. Safe and sound.

I just can’t wait to be back to Jakarta. I’ve been craving for sambal and all the spicy stuff. Blame my hormone. I’ve been so cranky and sensitive lately. I know that signals. My period is coming. Haha. I always tell Dion all the best luck for him in the near future. Why? One of my friend told me that we’ll be at least ten times more sensitive when we get pregnant. So, for someone like me, who’s originally this cranky, only heaven knows how to handle it.

Anyway, rather than talking about my period which is not that important, allow us to share about our latest adventure in Bright and Melbourne. Many of you, including our fellow Indonesian friends in Melbourne might wondering where is Bright located at. Some maybe mistaken Bright with Brighton beach. No, it’s totally two different places. One is mountain side, while the other one is beach. Both are beautiful, but absolutely in different way.

Bright is a town in Victoria, Australia, about 300 km away from Melbourne and famous as a base for exploring the peaks of Alpine National Park. Confused? Yes, Australia has its own version of Alpine National Park with its highest point, Kosciuszko. Now then you remember all the history and the geography subject that we used to study in primary school. Amazing right. Yeah, who knows that we would have a chance to visit a place that years back we even have no idea how to pronounce it. Never in my dreams that I will have a chance to keep on travelling even after I resigned from the airlines. Even more I can go to new places that I’ve never been to. So at least allow me to share this with you guys. Sharing is caring right?

How beautiful isn’t it? People keep coming to Bright to enjoy its beauty in every season. During autumn like now, you can see that all trees and leaves turn yellow and orange before its finally drop during winter time. While during winter, all the mountain side will be coated with snow and turn white like a snow kingdom. Not only that, we can also see cherry blossoms here when it comes to spring time. So dreamy. Put this place to your bucket list. Come here someday. You won’t regret it. Australia is so much more than Sydney and Melbourne. Never stop exploring!

Back to Melbourne, our Cek Toko Sebelah (CTS) movie screening was a big success! Sold out for total two shows that available. Talking about Melbourne means we talk about hundreds over cafes and restaurants. So, me and Dion decided to try at least one cafe to complete our trip. We went to one of the brunch place at Flinders Lane named Cumulus. Really, it was one of the best Sunday brunch that we ever had. Their menu is much more than the usual brunch menu that we used to know and it tastes awesome. Really bring our Melbourne trip to perfection.

This Melbourne post officially end our Australia trip. Our first trip together as a couple. We both so grateful that we could be the best company for each other. Just like our dream, to be the best partner in life. The more we travel, the more we realized that people are kind. Different culture and language is not a barrier as long as we know how to respect each other. There always a good thing that we can learn from one country and its people.

It's time for us to go home. How I miss my ayam penyet, karedok and lalapan. Trust me, you’ll never be able to take Indonesia out from my blood. I am truly Indonesian. In this opportunity we would like to thank All In Pixel Australia and Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) for the invitation. It was a great honor to screen CTS in Australia. Thank you for taking such a good care of us. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the friendship. We came as a stranger but now we are one big family. See you later, mate!

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