From Brisbane with Love

10:52 AM

Attending invitation from Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) Brisbane, me and Dion flew from Sydney to Brisbane on our second day Cek Toko Sebelah (CTS) Australian Tour. We came with no expectation but always wish for the best for this movie. The moment we landed into Brisbane it was raining the whole day. Totally different with the last time I came here. Luckily Brisbane always been blessed with pretty warm temperature. Not as extreme as other part of Australia.

Even it’s a little bit chilly, but with warm welcome from PPIA Brisbane representative, it really feels like home. They are so warm, funny and witty. Dion who used to be so quiet, could just blend naturally. You guys ROCK. We can easily break the ice. As Indonesian who live away from home, they never forget their roots. They keep themselves update with all the latest issue from Indonesia. They really show their pride as Indonesian. Some of them are already converted to Australian and some are Permanent Residence, yet they still proudly showing their identity as Indonesian born.

Before every screening, we were quite worried that our audience here, in Australia, won’t be able to catch the very typical Indonesian jokes that we brought in this movie, cause no matter what, they’ve been away from Indonesia for quite sometimes. Even more for those who’ve been living in Australia from decades ago. But just like our previous screening in Sydney, we’re so glad that they can enjoy and accept this movie.

What me and Dion love from our audiences in Brisbane is their spontaneity and interactivity. They are the one who make this movie screening so enjoyable for all of us. We also need to mention PPIA Brisbane! For you guys who still considering where to study in Australia but afraid that you will get homesick, let me suggest you to move to this city. YES! Brisbane. Why? Other than famous for its universities, Brisbane has the most solid PPIA ever! Trust me, you won’t feel lonely for being away from home. This group of awesome people even make Dion considering to retire in Australia someday. What a surprise. Thank you guys, really, for the hospitality. You guys really made our visit to  Brisbane so memorable.

In our short stay in Brisbane, we managed to visit The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA). Me and Dion are such a huge fan of modern and contemporary art museum. This place is such a paradise for photo hunter like Dion. Sadly we don’t have much time to explore every corner of this museum. It’s alright, now we have a reason to go back to Brisbane. Let us share some photos that we managed to take in GOMA. Hope you guys like it. See you guys in our next blog post, we’ll be flying to our final city for this CTS Australian Tour, Melbourne!

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