Hi, Sydney!

4:50 PM

It’s almost two months since I officially resigned from the airlines but seems like God won't let me clip my wings too soon. It’s not a duty call, it’s fiancé call. Haha. Call me lucky. Dion's latest movie, Cek Toko Sebelah (CTS) receive a very good response not only in Indonesia but also among Indonesian who lives overseas. We received an invitation from All In Pixel and PPIA (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia) for CTS
Movie screening in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. So here we are, Sydney I’m back!

This would be the first time for Dion to be in Sydney, but not for me. I did countless flight to Sydney in the past few years. Just in and out the country in less than 24 hours. Tiring? Obviously. I’ve no time to explore the city. So this time would be a perfect chance for me to finally enjoy this Australian beauty. I know we only have one day, but we have family here, lucky for us to have someone who can bring us around.

Captured by Johan Santoso @knightzor
Having locals who can guide us around is like the best thing ever. Since the moment we touched down Sydney, we went around, non stop from dusk ‘til dawn. Knowing Dion’s passion to photography, they drove us around, to get the best angle of the city from so many different points. From Milsons to Mc Mahons point, just name it baby. We tried our best to get the best of Sydney in one day.

Captured by Johan Santoso @knightzor
I know maybe it’s not enough. Sydney is just too beautiful to be enjoyed in one day only. They have so much to offer.  I agreed when people said that Sydney is like the New York of Australia. It’s so vibrant and makes you feel alive. We love the energy of this city during the day.  While at night, we can sit down, relax and enjoying the night view. It’s so romantic. So beautiful. Such a perfect combo.

It’s a ‘lil bit funny for me. I used to hate Sydney flight when I still work for the airlines. It such a tiring flight with non stop request and a short lay over time. I always feel that my life get shortened whenever I do a Sydney flight. That bad, huh? Really. I’m not kidding. But this time, it seems like a pay back for me. YEAY! And on top of that, I have my super fiancé here with me to share this experience. God is good my friend, all is well.

PPIA Sydney also doing such a great job. We’d like to express our gratitude to all of you guys for being such a great host during our stay in Sydney. At first we were quite worry about how people will react towards our movie here, in Sydney. But really, the result is beyond our expectations. We are so glad that Indonesians here able to enjoy our movie just the way we do. Watching them burst into laughter and tears is a different kind of satisfaction for us.

Thank you again Sydney, thank you for giving Dion such a wonderful impression for his first visit and thank you for letting me to fall in love with you this time (like finally)! We will come back again next time. Lesson learned. One day will never be enough. Or can I say that we will never get enough of Sydney?

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