Love Letter from Japan

1:36 PM

While writting this post, we’re still on our flight back home from our 11 days Japan trip. I just can’t be more grateful for the man next to me. I keep staring at him while he’s asleep and feel more and more in love, more than ever. What an amazing feeling. Something that I never felt before. There’s this kind of faith that I’m going to marry the right man of my life.

I can’t wait to see his reaction when he read this post. This is a birthday surprise for him! We always do this blog separately. I write the article alone and when I’m done, I’ll let Dion combine it with all his beautiful photos. But special for this post, all is done by me. Just like most of the writer out there, I can write anytime, anywhere. Whenever I feel like writing, I will just do it right away. You know, when you just feel like doing it, somehow you will end up with a great and sincere words. What I love the most is to let people feel the way that I do. In this case, to be in love again.

Maybe is kinda true when people said that you should travel together to know your partner better. Last time when I still work for the airlines, I realized that I can understand my self better after lots and lots of time alone overseas. Now it actually works the same way for me and Dion. I am so glad that we could have this chance before we actually get married. It’s like an assurance for me that he really is the one. Nobody else could possibly fit me this perfect.

Do we quarrel? Of course. But from there, we know what we need to understand from each other. I know what he lack of, I know that he will get cranky when he’s hungry and the most important I know how to complete him. Like we all know, it’s not the matter how we find someone who’s perfect but it’s about finding someone who can perfect our imperfection. When you find the right one, trust me, it’s magical.

Apart from there, I never seen someone (except my parents) who always trying so hard to find me happiness. Like my happiness is his too. He always make sure that I can get what I want, what I've been dreaming of and the most important to make me happy with my life. Seems like he’s my fairy god mother in 6th feet tanned figure. I feel like telling my brother and my parents now that they can rest assured. They don’t need to worry anymore ‘cause I have him. He's more than enough than anything in this world.

From many up and down that we’ve been thru together on this trip, I am so happy that I’ve got a chance to see more and more good quality in him. His persistency. His hard work. Someone who’s willing to work his ass off and never give up until he can get what he wants. Someone who always want me to be there next to him, stand by his side, just to show me that I can rely on him. That every time he puts his mind into it, he’s halfway there and he will get it done for me. He just need me to bare with him and support him. This is the quality that I’ve been dreaming of from someone who I’m going to marry. He always make sure not to bring me into trouble. He don’t want to make me sad. He just want me to be happy.

I used to be so worry that this would be an impulsive feeling. That this kind of happiness won’t last forever. But now, I can tell myself that I don’t need to worry anymore. I can see that day by day, as long as we are together, there would be a new excitement and happiness await for us. We just need to walk hand in hand. As a partner, together. I love you baby and happy birthday!

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  1. As the first comment in this "should be massive" response, I would like to get to know you both by adoring you, by relying my self on this love story, which is only spread and shared by the photos of you, but it could get me enough by telling this, that, you two, should be last and happy forever after. I am always a big fan of ur acting skills to the highest level Dion, and I will be so marvellous anytime I see your beauty inside of you Fiona! I will be over the moon if I am invited to witness your reception for your married, but mostly, happy living together as a partner next ! Bless you