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Lately, me and Dion got the same question on repeat, which is, “When is the wedding?”. Frankly speaking, now I would prefer not to talk about the wedding and go straight to the honeymoon part. Haha. Can’t deny that all this wedding thingy really drained my soul. It’s truly such a bliss for me to get a moment, even for a while, to be away from all this wedding thingy. So, allow me to talk about something more interesting, something that even Dion could never resist, which is our travel plan. The after wedding part.

For any of you who’s been following Dion’s Instagram must have known that he’s such a travel freak. Anytime an offer came, it’s always a YES for him. More over if we talk about a new place that he never been to.  Lucky for him, he has met his travel buddy, which I’m going to introduce you right now, Ading (@adingattamimi_photography) and Christina (@sassychris1). If you think I’m a world traveler, then you might wanna think again. I am nothing compare to these people. They are truly the citizen of the world.

Prague - Czech Republic. Photo by @sassychris1
Prague - Czech Republic. Photo by @adingattamimi_photography
They are traveler and they are a good photographer too. I like to call them as travel photographer. One of the best job in the world. It’s like everybody’s dream job. But after few times spending time with these group of travel photographer, I start to realize that their job is not as easy as it looks like. It’s tiring and it requires such a big commitment. Only a true traveler can do what they’re doing right now. Even for a newbie like Dion who loves adventure, really, it’s not easy to keep up. It’s a full time job with a big commitment. A commitment to travel at all times. To make this world as your home. What about that?

For me personally, I always emphasize and tell Dion to keep on trying something new, challenge ourselves and never stayed in our comfort zone. So, when an offer came from this group of awesome people, straight away we said YES. Even more I can see that Dion is so into travel and photography. This opportunity is like a dream come true for him. It’s not only his job to make me happy, but it’s also my responsibility to make sure he lives his life to the fullest. Just like what people say, couple who travel together, stay together.

After a year we’ve been working together, me, Dion, Christina and Ading come up with this idea. We are going to do an open trip. YES. An open photo trip. We used to go for a trip together, now we’re going to open this trip for public. Everyone, including you, can join us. The more, the merrier. What’s in the menu? Photo hunting? Absolutely. Beautiful landscape? Of course. So for all of you, travel and photo enthusiast, this would be the great time for you to find your community.

I know, the next question would be WHERE. Where are we going? As the main purpose of this trip is to please photo and travel enthusiast, we are going to all the exotic place in Europe. It could be different, not your usual Europe destination like Paris, Milan or Rome, but, we’re going somewhere much more exciting. We will visit ten cities starting from Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Bled, Hallstat, Fussen and many more. The trip itself will end in Munich.

Hallstatt - Austria. Photo by @sassychris1
Bled - Slovenia. Photo by @sassychris1
Prague - Czech Republic. Photo by @sassychris1
Salzburg - Austria. Photo by @sassychris1
Right now, I believe you will have so many questions to ask. What are those places? Where is it? How to join the trip? What are the conditions? What to prepare? When are we going? How much this crazy trip will cost? Relax. Chillax. I will suggest you to get ready with your smart phone. Go and google all those places. Get ready to be amazed with their beauties. At the end of this post we’ll give you the email address to answer all your queries. But please, I believe that all of our readers are the good one. Please don’t bring us down. We’ll do our best to assist, but we seek your cooperation.

This photo tour will last for 12 days/ 9 nights (USD 3950) starting from Oct 22nd - 2nd Nov 2017. Hereby our travel plan:

22 OCT Soekarno Hatta Int Airport (CGK)
23 OCT CGK - DXB - PRG STD 0040 STA 1330 operate by Emirates
24 OCT Prague - Brno - Budapest
25 OCT Budapest City Tour
26 OCT Budapest - Varazdin - Plitvice Nat Park
27 OCT Plitvice Nat Park - Zagreb- Bled
28 OCT Bled - Salzburg
29 OCT Salzburg - Hallstatt
30 OCT Hallstatt - Fussen - Neuschwanstein - Fussen
31 OCT Fussen - Munich
1 NOV MUC - DXB STD 1540 STA 2345
2 NOV DXB - CGK STD 0410 STA 1540

The tour package will include:

Return air ticket operate by Emirates (Economy class)
Visa Schengen
International airport tax and fuel charge
Hotel accommodation 3/4 stars (sharing room for two)
Travel insurance
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Airport handling
Tipping for tour leader, porter and driver
Tourist attraction tickets
Mineral water 2 per day


Passport making charge
Personal expenses (laundry, minibar, phone call, room service, additional tour)

There would be some term and conditions that we'll gladly inform you by email. But rest assured these term and condition is just a guidance for us for the most unlikely situation, such as visa rejection.

Contact Person:
Ryan (+6287808780918)
Herry (+6287788328008)


Just drop us an email, we’ll send you the complete itinerary, with the total expenses and the payment method. I know there’s no cash back, but we still can offer you 0% interest installment payment plans. Alright, I’m gonna stop before I start bragging and sounds like a bank sales person. Me and Dion really hope to see you guys on this trip. Help us to make our dream come true and it will be the best honeymoon for two of us, oops, I mean all of us! The more, the merrier. See you guys! Can't wait! This photo trip would be so much FUN!

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