The Long Distance

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Ciao! How are you guys doing? We said ‘Ciao’ cause you guess what? One of us currently is in Italy. Guess who’s the lucky one? Yes, you’re right, it’s Dion. Me? Thousand miles away, back in my home town. We’re currently juggling in the middle of our hectic schedule, working together as a team to get things done for our wedding. So, this time, let’s talk a little bit more about our wedding preparation and long distance relationship, while Dion we’ll share some of his photos from his latest trip to Pisa and Florence. Shall we start?

Floating Umbrellas in Pietrasanta
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Santa Croce - Florence
Yup, just like others, seems like me and Dion facing a new chapter of long distance relationship. Why I said so? Because last time, when I still work for the airlines, I based in Singapore and Dion in Jakarta. We used to meet up twice in a month. Sometimes in Jakarta, sometimes in Singapore. When I think that this long distance relationship has officially ended with me going back for good to Jakarta, I was totally wrong. We’re facing another chapter of long distance relationship. The only different is, this one still on going right now and we have no idea when this kind of relationship will end. But the good news is, we get the chance to spend time together more often and regularly since two of us base in Jakarta now.

I believe because of work, most of the time we have to be apart from our love one. It is very common nowadays. People travel more often, either for leisure or work. I don’t know for you guys, but for me, things never get easier when it comes to say goodbye. Even both of us do understand and know that this only temporary and by the end of the day he will get back to me, STILL, IT’S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE. I hate to say goodbye.

I can say that now I’m still adapting and trying to figure out how to survive a living in Jakarta. While you know, at the same time I have a wedding to prepare. So, I can say that this time, I need him the most. Thing just get easier when he’s around. Less trouble, less problem and obviously less stress. But, again, he has a job to do. Out of the city and sometimes, out of the country, like now.

I used to be so frustrated. To be honest, I was like losing my self and don’t really know who I am. I was so confused and cried very often. I tried to figure out about what’s going on and what happened to me. It really takes a while for me to be able to pull myself together and to be ME again. I spend more time to do my hobby, reading. I try to limit myself to my cell phone, to any social media and TV.

I avoid and choose not to watch any negative news, gossips or so on TV. I’m terribly depressed and sad with so many negatives news that keep on going lately. I choose to read a book, newspaper or anything, first thing in the morning and before I go to bed. Slowly, I feel better. I feel more positive and calm. Now when I can see things clearly, I can totally understand and excuse myself to have this stress because this is something that makes us human.

I learn that it is okay not to be okay. Sometimes we just need to stop for a while, take a breath and let things done just the way it is. Not everything has to be perfect. Listen to ourselves. Listen to your heart. Pray more often. God will handle the rest.

At the end of the day, I do also think that, sometimes it’s alright for us to be apart from our dearest one. We would need some time to be alone, to think, to reflect and to talk to God. Apart from that, the fact that my other half is missing me from the other part of the world, really cherish my day. He did even tell me that his stay there would be so much better if only I was there. Nobody can replace me as his fave travel partner. How sweet. That’s the exact same feeling that I had in my last few flying years with the airline. Being in a place somewhere that everybody been dreaming of, yet so lonely inside missing my family and love ones.

Thank God that those days has come to an end and thank God I can overcome my own frustration. To be stress and to be happy is a matter of choice. I choose to be happy and I believe so do you. ‘Til next time, people!

Marina di Pietrasanta
Sunset in Marina di Pietrasanta
Lovely Night in Florence

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  1. Just read and totally enjoy your story!
    God bless you two, Fiona and Dion ☺️ And all the best for you wedding prepration ��
    Love, Syl