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We just back from heaven! Yes. Heaven on earth. At least in our version. Queenstown.

I know it’s not my first time in Kiwi Land, but I have to admit that Auckland and Christchurch are so different from Queenstown. This one is surely take my breath away from the very first moment I touched down to Queenstown Airport. Talking about airport, I don’t know if you guys have same thought with me. I used to gauge local friendliness from its immigration officer. HAHA! You guess what, Queenstown immigration officer maybe one of the friendliest that I’ve ever met! We feel so welcomed from the first day we arrived to this city.

Right after we finished our pre wedding photo shoot, our holiday officially started! YEAY!! Me and Dion was so busy lately, so both of us had been waiting for this trip. We really need a break to rest our mind. Take some time away from our daily madness, Jakarta traffic and the wedding preparation. Both of us really guilty because of our hectic schedule, none of us had a chance to arrange our travel itinerary. While Queenstown is a new destination for both of us. We need help! Seriously.

Thank God, we are so blessed, we managed to get help from Liburan Australia & NZ (@liburanaustralianz). We met Doddy from Liburan Australia & NZ during our Australia trip last March. Been experiencing a very good service and great hospitality during our Australia trip, without thinking twice, when we faced the last minute madness before this NZ trip, we contacted Doddy to help us with our travel itinerary.

By his special arrangement, Doddy contacted his partner from Kiwi & Co (@kiwiandconz), Josephine, to take care of us during our stay in Queenstown. After we described what kind of holiday that we’re dreaming of, Doddy turn it into reality. Knowing that lately Dion is so into his photography hobby, they brought us to the most beautiful places with spectacular view!

They really are so thoughtful. They listened to our need. Even for our accommodation, they don’t simply locate us in a hotel. They provided us with a very comfortable cabin house in one of local best neighborhood. When we asked them where the idea came from, they simply explain that they want us to experience and enjoy Queenstown just like a local. You know what? They really hit their goal, but this time slightly too much. Cause at the end of the trip, it was the hardest good bye. EVER. You guys are so mean. HAHA. Kidding!

Everywhere we go, Dion always attached to his camera. This place is crazy. Magnificent. Too beautiful. It’s not easy if you ask us to pick one of the most favorite. What we want to do is to revisit these places on repeat, take a slow walk, picnic while enjoying the view. Lake Wakatipu, Glenorchy, Jack’s Point, Cardrona, Wanaka, Coronet Peak, I can go crazy even only by mentioning the name of these places again. Take me back please!

Knowing how much we enjoy the view during our first few days in Queenstown, Doddy and Josephine wanted to bring our excitement to another level. They took us on a road trip! One day trip to Milford Sound and one night stay in Mount Cook. This time, we have to elaborate further. We really have to. Personally, I have no word to describe both places. Hopefully Dion’s photos would do the job.

When we open the map, Milford Sound is just 80km away from Queenstown, but because of the mountain and the landscape, we have to go round and make a big loop thru Te Anau. Which makes the distance further, about 230km. So what? We enjoy every minute that we spent in that bus. Surely unforgettable. The journey along Fiordland National Park was mind blowing. Two shots in one go. The best de tour ever. So, when you’re in Queenstown and still thinking that Milford Sound will waste your time because it’s one day affair, you know guys, you will miss big thing. This trip is a MUST.

By the time we arrived in Milford Sound, our excitement level almost hit its limit. We’re like two students in their first field trip. We can’t wait to get into the ship that will take us cruising around Milford Sound. My brain kept on thinking of those Hollywood movie that did their shoot here. I don’t know what movie but the view is just so familiar. It just thousand times better in reality. WOW.

The next morning after we back to Queenstown, we continue our trip to Mount Cook. It’s another four hours drive from Queenstown, but again, road trip is a part of travel itinerary when you’re in New Zealand. It’s the best way to enjoy its nature. Trust me. No traffic. No pollution. It’s just the beautiful landscape everywhere. If only we had no schedule to catch, I think we’ll never made it to Mount Cook. You know why? Cause Dion kept on stopping along the journey to take a photo!

After visiting the most spectacular fiord in the south island of New Zealand, Mount Cook is definitely something not to be missed! Located in Aoraki National Park, Mount Cook is the highest (can I say the most beautiful?)  mountain in New Zealand with its height 3724m above the sea level. There are many options to enjoy Mount Cook. From the most traditional method like hiking, tracking, Tasman glacier tour and the helicopter ride.

One night stay in Mount Cook would be the best option. Imagine waking up to the snowy mountain view, taking a slow walk around the Aora
ki National Park and end your day by tracking to the Tasman Glacier. You just need to make sure that the hotel will provide you with the food because there’s no grocery store, minimarket or restaurant nearby. Our guide told us that only people who works in Mount Cook can live around this area. So if you want to live in Mount Cook, you have to find a job there. Interested?

Back to Queenstown, to end our trip in this beautiful country, Doddy and Jojo booked us on helicopter ride to The Remarkables. What a stylish way to end our holiday. There’s no word other than thank you. Thank you to Liburan Australia & NZ. Thank you to Doddy and Josephine for this superb travel itinerary. Last but not least, thanks be to God for creating this beautiful world for us.

Hopefully our travel experiences would inspire you to create your own dream holiday. You can work one, two or three times harder than anybody else, but please, keep your mind sane. Don’t forget to pause, take a break and enjoy your life.

For any queries for your travel plan to Australia and New Zealand, no matter you’re in a small or big group, small or big budget, just visit Liburan Australia-NZ website or drop an email to

They made our dream holiday came true, start creating your own now. Til next time people!

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  1. I loved it!! Your journey are such a pleasing one to read. I'd love to visit NZ one day, hopefully also with the loved ones :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. kereen bgt kakk fio.. ����

  3. It's always be my pleasure to keep reading your blog over and over again :)