The Finale

11:45 AM

MORDEN? Yes, it is a short phrase from “more than”. Just like its name, short but meaningful. This group of young talented people is much more than your usual wedding photographer. They have a strong team packed with talented youngsters inside. Do not ask about their age ‘cause they will shock you. But do not underestimate them because of their age either. Their spirit, creativity and talent really deserve your special attention. Wanna know why? We will elaborate further and share about our third, our finale pre wedding photo shoot with Morden in Kiwi Land, New Zealand.

For some of you, this might be the first time you hear about Morden (IG: You can directly go and check their IG and you’ll agree with me that they have what people called as character. They dare to be different and strongly hold what they believe as something that makes them unique and different from any other wedding photographer. For me and Dion, this is the quality that we really appreciate and adore.

Other than their strong character, Morden has an envious and perfect team packed with talented young people. Start with one of the founder, who also the main shooter itself, Lucas Edo (IG: @lvcasedo). This witty, eco friendly photographer, married to the gorgeous MUA, Vanny Adelina (IG: @vamakeupartist). This power couple really make me jealous with their fairytale love story. What could be more perfect? The husband is the photographer while the pretty wife is the make up artist. Together they can conquer the world.

After Vanny, there’s another name that I have to mention, which is her best friend, who’s also the stylist and the creative director of the company, Albert Wijaya (@albrakadabra). Can you imagine working together with your best friend? You can ask them how great it feels like. It must be super FUN! No wonder this perfect synergy easily contaminate the whole group including their funny and loveable manager, Victor a.k.a Mr Mantau (@victorchristanto) and the last but not least, the youngest member, Mr Videographer, the cute, chubby, Mr Know Everything, Clayton Bagaskara (@claytonbagaskara). Of course there are more talented people in their big team that I can’t mention one by one, but only by knowing these five, I can see that Morden already has everything that they need to grow bigger and shine brightly in this wedding photo industry.

Working together with this dream team never been boring. I have to admit that this pre wedding photo is the coldest and the toughest one for me. Never thought that the weather could be so cold. My body really hit its limit. I almost fall sick on the second day. The wind and coldness sting directly to my bone. But again, I can’t thank God more for this team. They’re much more than understanding. Vanny always be there next to me with all her ‘winter gear’. This girl gave me all that she got and brought all the way from Indonesia. Her ‘koyo’, her thermal pack, her medicine. She gave me everything to help me fight the cold weather. Such a pretty girl with kind soul. 

The result is just beautiful. Morden (more than) beautiful. I am super duper happy to see the photos. Edo is surely one talented photographer. He has that strong character that makes him different from others. He didn’t really tell us to pose or so. He just asked us to keep on moving, just act like normal with our own body language. When I ask why he don’t really direct us, he told me this, “Each and every couple is different and unique. I want my clients to be comfortable with themselves in front of the camera. I always set them free and let them show their true color. It’s my duty to find the right angle and capture the moment, turn it into beautiful photos”. WOW. His answer really WOW me. Never thought that this young man can give me this kind of answer.

Anyway, don’t you agree with what Edo said? There’s nothing more beautiful than capturing two people in love, isn’t it? Whether you’re agree or not, allow us to share our photos in New Zealand, beautifully captured by one and only, Lucas Edo for Morden. Enjoy!

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  1. koko pake bhs indonesia dong!!

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    Dan saya pikir,saya harus lebih banyak-banyak belajar dari blogmu... ������