How Does it Feels to be (finally) Married

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If there is one word to express it all, it would be surreal. Yes, the feeling is just magical. To finally marry the love of my life. Not everyone could have that privilege, some might need to follow certain rules, because of cultures and certain circumstances, they have to be involved in arranged marriage and start loving each other after the wedding day. Well, that’s another case. I’m just saying that I’m so grateful to marry someone that I deeply in love with.

I still can’t believe that now he is no longer my boyfriend, not my fiancé, but he’s my husband. I am a wife. Someone’s wife! This might be the best title that I have (so far). Just like my university degree, it takes tons of effort and prayers and tears to achieve it. Maybe that’s why it feels so so good to be finally HIS! And he’s MINE. YEAY!

Some of you who’ve been following and reading this blog must really understand what I’m talking about. The struggle that I had during the wedding preparation months ago was real. Tried my best not to stress, at the end of the day I can’t deny that it was so stressful. Too many things need to be done at the same time. Even we’ve tried our best to keep it as simple as we can, still, because the wedding is somewhere out of Jakarta, it really drained our emotions and energy.

In this past year, we’ve been working with so many people, some of them are new people who came to our life, we get to know each other and they helped us with our wedding. I thank God that I can call some of those people as my best friend now. I also learn that it’s totally not easy to deal with new people. We all come from different background, yet we have to work together to achieve what we want. I don’t need all of them to be my friend, I will stick to quality rather than quantity.

Been thru a lot of ups and downs I know which people that is a keeper. I can see which one is the truly best friend and which one is just a cameo. We both were just beyond grateful that we can celebrate one of the most important time of our life with these people. They are the best.

If there’s one word to describe our wedding, it would be intimate. Just exactly how we wanted to be. We all can have such a good time together with the closest and the best people in our life. I believe we all want to start everything in the best way possible. Something just like this.

Now, each and every morning I wake up to the love of my life. I can’t be more grateful. Every time my ego, jealousy bites as a human being, I just need to look into this man that now I call as my husband, and I will back to the ground. I will start counting my blessings again only by looking at him. Thank you again for the love and prayers. May God bless all of us always!

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  1. Congrats kak Dion dan kak Fiona. Couple idolaku. Langgeng terus ya amin

  2. Congratulation on your wedding, guys! Keep inspiring many people with your new family. God Bless❤

  3. Hi ! This is a very concised blog you've got :D And your stories and struggles surrounding your recent marriage with Dion makes me wanna get married asap lol. However, as I was reading your writing, I actually found several sentences that could be improved grammar-wise. No offense, but I can offer you my service to at least "improve" your sentence structure and diction to make your blog even more intriguing. Thanks for your story! Will be waiting for the next one.