Newlywed 101

9:00 AM

1.      So, how’s life after marriage?
Surreal. Maybe that’s the perfect way to answer it. I believe some of you might feel the same. The feeling is magical. Can’t believe that now we’re belong to someone. Married to someone. We have a life time partner whom we’re going to spend the rest of our live with. Waking up next to him. Everyday. Together. ‘Til death do us apart.

2.      Do you find any different on how you see one another?
In my case, a little bit. Both of us have similar character. Bad one. You guess what. Very stubborn. So common isn’t it? But a day before the wedding, both of us had talked about this and we both agreed that we will put this bad character away and won’t let it ruin our marriage. So, now I see him in a better way. He is now the head of this family. If I could imagine this marriage as one whole body, he is the head and I am the body. We are one unity as he is the leader. The head can’t be separated from the body and vice versa. We need and we have respect each other.

3.      Do you cook, do the laundry and other domestic job?
Yes, I do it all. Sometimes I need help from the pro but most of the time I do it myself. For me, as long as I can handle it, I prefer to do it myself. I believe that doing all these domestic jobs is also a perfect way to express my love to my husband. Everyone would love the feeling to be pampered and well taken care of.

4.      What’s the good thing about getting married?
That I’m his and HE IS MINE. Hahaha. Sounds creepy? Please don’t think that way. It’s more like a total freedom to be finally married, to start a new life with someone who we really love and it’s just the two of us. Isn’t it great? This is like the moment that we’ve been waiting for for so long!

5.      What’s the bad thing that you might regret of getting married?
Nothing. Not yet. No complain so far. This might be the wrong question to be asked to the newlywed. Don’t you guys think so?

6.      What do you like to do for your husband?
I like to cook for him. I love to watch him eating and enjoying the food that I cook. I believe that home cooking is the best food in the world. It is healthy, pack with all the nutrition that our body needs and prepared with so much love. Any objection?

7.      Is there any bad habit from your husband that you possibly hate?
Of course. He is Dion Wiyoko, not Adam Levine. Just kidding. Of course as a human being, he has something that he might lack of. His mess. His fart. His burp. I don’t think I need to explain this further. I believe nobody like all those three things that I just mentioned right?

8.      Is there any complain from your husband about you so far?
Well, Dion ever complained about my mood swing. Something that I also hate about myself. I can say that now I’m trying my best to fight it. It’s not something that I can be proud of. I told Dion that it might not be easy for me but doesn’t mean impossible. I want to be a better person, not only for my self but also for him, my husband. I have to get rid of any toxic that could possibly ruin our relationship.

9.      How is it like to have an actor as your husband?
To be honest, nothing much. For me, it’s just his job. Something he truly passionate about, something that he does for our living. I believe it’s the same feeling that you guys have about your spouse’s job. The only different is the need to understand and accept that other than mine, as an actor, he belongs to the public. He is a public figure. I have to share with others, in a professional way, of course.

1.   Is there anything that you worry about from your husband’s job?
Worrying is the worst thing in the world. I don’t want to grow older with all the ugly wrinkles because I worry too much. So ladies, let’s stop this bad habit. Worrying won’t help. Let’s start to learn, trying to understand about our husband’s job and also try to get to know his colleagues. I believe it’s important for us to know and build a good relationship with them.

1.   What quality that you really adore from your husband and made you think that he really is the one?
His hard work. He is a man who can lead his life to pursue his dream. He start from zero, from nothing to be someone like now. Someone that I can trust. Someone that I can rely on. Someone who never let me down. Up to this moment, we always believe that together we’re one, stronger than ever and ready to face any possibilities in this world.

1.   If you can turn back the time, would you still choose him as your husband?
Yes. Absolutely.  He is the one who can bring up the best in me. I feel that I’m now in my best time of my life. It’s all because of him. He makes me a better person. Thank you for coming to my life, hubby!

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  1. So sweet !! God bless both of you ��

    1. Thank you Veronica! May God bless all of us :)

  2. So romantic ���� life and love goals! I hope i'll find it soon too��