A Story Behind A Slice of Cake

6:02 PM

Cause there is a story behind every slice of cake. YES! Finally after almost a year trying to convince myself, trying different kind of recipe, baking lots and lots of cakes, constantly listen to every review given from friends and relatives, I am taking myself to the new chapter of my life as artisan home baker. Why artisan and why home baker?

First answer is because I am not professionally trained or graduated from any baking school, so it’s totally not right to call myself as a professional. BUT, it doesn’t mean I can be a sloppy baker. I promise that I will adopt the spirit of professionalism even though I am just a home baker. Second, I love to call myself as a home baker, because a good home baker will always try their best to create something good, healthy and tasty for their love one. That’s how I’m going to treat every one of you, my dear customer!

I believe there always a story to tell behind every slice of cake. A good slice of cake worth to shared and enjoyed with friends, families and our love one. A good slice of cake also has its own story because every cake is a masterpiece. Symbol of hard work from one passionate baker. A good slice of cake could bring you laughter, joy and happiness.

For me, there are two basic rules when I’m enjoying my cake. It has to be good and very good. No room for anything in between. Trust me, with amount of sugar, butter and calories inside one slice of cake, it better be good. Seriously. That is something that truly inspires me when I’m baking. A good cake has to be pretty and taste amazing at the same time. There is no point of creating such a pretty cake but doesn’t taste good.

To start, I will introduce three kinds of cakes, which are, Ondeh, Thai Milk Tea and Chocolate Smores. My Ondeh and Thai Milk Tea might sound unusual for you guys, but it doesn’t matter as long as you guys won’t mind to give it a try and I’m sure you guys will love it! While the third option goes to Chocolate Smores because I believe everyone loves chocolate cake and a good baker will always have one delicious signature chocolate cake recipe.

From now on, I will combine my two hobbies together, two things that I love the most, which are writing and baking. I would love to hear from you guys. I believe that my cake nor my baking skill are still far away from perfection. I am just a newbie and really want to learn and share with you guys. This is something new for me. Let this blog and bakery be a learning point for all of us. I promise that I’ll share my experience in running this new scope.

My kitchen is going to open to serve you guys very soon. I can’t wait to share a good slice of cake with all of you. A baking class or workshop would be fun. We all can share tips and tricks as a home baker. Really looking forward to that. Can’t wait! This is gonna be FUN! See you guys in BakePack Kitchen!

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  1. Ci .. saya jadi ga sabar jugaa ... pengen icip cake nya .. 😍 Semangat terus yah ci ..

    Saya suka smua artikel cici ..

    Gbu 😇

  2. Fiona, keren banget. A baking class and workshop looks good, can't wait for it.

  3. Fiona, cara pesen Ondeh gmana ? pengen nyobain