7 Things to Highlight When You're Visting San Francisco

10:22 AM

Location : Fairmont Hotel San Francisco

Hello there! Been a while since our last post from our honeymoon trip to Banff. We were extremely busy since the grand opening of our restaurant and also our own bakery kitchen, BakePack. Thank you for your great support, it’s one crazy hectic month in our kitchen. Still, we owe you guys the complete story from our Canada-US trip last winter. So, this is it. Are you guys ready for our next city, San Francisco!

It was not my first San Francisco trip, but yes, first for me and Dion to be in this bay area together. Been a few times visiting this city, we just want to share some facts about San Francisco. Who knows it could be useful for your future visit to this beautiful bay area. Here we go!

City of wind

Haha. I believe everyone would be totally agree with me about this. No matter what season it is, you need to pack your cardigan with you. You’ll enjoy beautiful sunny day in mid of June but still, the wind will always be there. It’s good, you will still able to get light breeze and won’t sweat much. Hat would be great when you’re planning to go for jog or cycling. It helps you to place your hair in order so it won’t bother your eye sight.

Winter won’t be harsh. This city is quite friendly for people who hates winter. Temperature won’t drop easily to minus. Maybe it just the wind that will bring coldness. I never experienced any snow in this city, it’s just wet winter with a lil bit of rain.

Big Chinatown

Been to New York, LA, Houston, I think SF has one of the biggest Chinatown in the United States. They have everything that you need to cook perfect bowl of Chinese delicacy. The name might be Chinatown, but we can also find Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian groceries stores. Basically it covers Asian food market. Do not underestimate their food because it’s legit. Some even taste better than in its original country.

Limited parking spot

Every corner of the city are full and packed with cars. Parking might not be cheap, will cost you around $2-$2.5 every hour but still, everyone in the US has their own car. Not mention if you need overnight parking, average is around $60 per night. Not cheap. Staying in five stars hotel won’t guarantee you free parking spot either. Renting a car in SF might not be expensive but the parking fee will cost you about the same amount with the rental fee.

Great place for foodies

There is no way you’re in SF and you don’t know what to eat. It’s HEAVEN! Even if you are Asian food sucker, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese even Indonesian food just name it. Always remember that this is US. Their portion are always huge. So don’t be greedy when you’re ordering your meal.

Street wear paradise

For you guys who are into street wear and anything that is not main stream, this city is the best for you. Head to Divisadero St, you can find cool shops selling various range of unique limited stuff. SF shopping paradise is much more than the Mason St area guys, you should check this one out. Around the neighbor hood they have great coffee shops that you can try. So in love with the ambience and great positive energy. Something new and inspiring! Who knows it could inspires you to start your own.

Hype Coffee Shop

I believe that coffee shop is life. It’s like the current IN thing everywhere around the world. We managed to visit two of them in SF. We LOVE it. So much. Their coffee is good. Their pastries are legit. Their stores are beautifully designed. You have to add coffee shop hoping to your TO-DO list whenever you’re in SF. Trust me, you will love it.

Wear your best shoes

When you’ve been to SF, you’ll strongly agreed that we need to wear right pair of shoes in SF. Their unique landscape will require you to walk up and down around the city. Should you really hate walking around, you can hop on to their cable car, it’s free and going around the city. The only thing you have to take note is their schedule and fact that you have to queue with the other tourists.

So, that would be seven things to highlight from San Francisco in BakePack version. Should you have things to add and you’re willing to share, please drop you comments below. We’ll be delighted to hear it from you. ‘Til next time guys!

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