Bulgari Resort Bali

6:49 PM

What come across your mind when you hear the word Bulgari? World finest jewelry and leather goods? Well, you are not wrong. Do you know that other than their luxurious accessories, Bulgari is also well known for their magnificent hotels and resort around the world?

Bulgari very first resort located in Bali, Indonesia. Positioned 150 meters above the Indian Ocean, Bulgari Bali Resort offers spectacular view from the moment we step into the resort. Combining high level of service with the best from Balinese traditional culture, definitely it is one of the best resort that Bali can offer.

Bulgari resort Bali has 59 private villas and 5 mansions. Can’t believe that this stunning resort will celebrate its 12th Anniversary this year. I guess this property never aged, it just getting better from day by day. We can see how well Bulgari could represent itself in form of luxurious resort.

Many people are curious about this property and we are lucky to share this unforgettable experience to our readers. For us, resort will be just a resort without the heart and the soul from its people. That is what makes Bulgari Resort Bali different from others.

We believe that hotel competition in Bali is getting harder and harder, but 12 years are good enough to proof that Bulgari Resort Bali is one of the best. There might be plenty luxurious resorts with beautiful and majestic architecture in this world, but I guess the service that Bulgari has to offer is just remarkable.

They give us such a ‘resort ‘ experience, not just another five stars experience. Get ready to be treated as an A list superstar, where everyone will know you by heart, understand your needs and get everything done for you even before you know it.

Therefore we find it brilliant when they gave us preference form to be filled up before we arrive in the resort. So that they can ‘study’ you, your partner and how you want your holiday to be done. Sounds too much but trust me, you won’t regret it.

Should we have to name one of the most unforgettable holiday experience that we ever had so far, Bulgari Resort Bali will definitely in our top list. We just can’t help it, it just WOW. Really, WOW. You know, being anonymous is such a privilege nowadays. In Bulgari, you could be anonymous but at the same time, you are loved beyond reasons. Bravo Bulgari!

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