Mandapa, a Ritz Carlton Reserve

11:40 AM

Have you ever thought that Ubud is so boring and just not for you? Too quiet, plus I am a beach person not that kind of forest or mountain type? Hmm it was me. At least the old me. Went to Ubud couple times, just for quick stop and not so interested to stay any longer.

BUT, after marrying my husband, love of my life, I change, like a lot. I do a lot of new things and kind of limiting my self from saying no easily. I feel more alive. Sometimes it’s kinda true when someone said that the one who loves you knows you better than yourself. Yup, that’s US!

So, we went to Ubud for three days and it turns out well, VERY WELL. Before I talk further, have you ever heard of Mandapa? It’s a Ritz Carlton Reserve, not your usual Ritz Carlton. We have to be proud of Mandapa. Why? Ritz Carlton only have three reserve property in this world. One in Puerto Rico, another one in Krabi and we have one in Ubud! We can’t be more happy to know that they’re going to open the next Ritz Carlton Reserve in Tanah Lot, Bali. I just love being Indonesian! Don’t you?

People said it’s best to leave ourselves with no expectation so we can get the best out of it. That is what happened to me. To be honest I’m gonna tell you this, I can’t keep my mouth shut the moment I stepped into Mandapa’s lobby. The beautiful scenery will leave you speechless. I feel like the moment just pause for a while, like world stop spinning around. Haha. Exaggerating? That’s the truth.

For us, Mandapa is so much more than a resort. It is a reserve. A place for us to detox, rejuvenate and relax. Our body, mind and soul. Pampering our senses. Take a moment to just breath. Leave your mind empty. Enjoy every minute, every second. Absorbing the positive energy. Fresh air. Listen to the Ayung River stream. It’s heavenly.

Thing that I can’t deny is its strong positive energy. Never felt so alive before. Mandapa provides many kinds of activities to sync us with Ubud local traditions. Trust me, even I was born as Indonesian, I am so amazed with Ubud’s local people and their way of living.  


We went for flower gebogan private class in Mandapa. Together with two local ladies, we made two flower gebogan arrangements. Have to be honest that I really enjoyed every moment that I spent with them. The lady told me that for them, making flower gebogan is another way to meditate. Relaxing and pampering our senses at the same time. Can’t be more agree!

We brought back both of the flower gebogan that we made to our villa. It smells so good! Natural parfume for the entire rooms. Its made from local flowers that we can get from local market in Ubud. Locals don’t usually make flower gebogan in daily basis. Balinese make gebogan for special occasions such as wedding or religious ceremonies. Their daily offerings called Canang Sari.

The very next day, we joined the classic VW Vintage Tour. Look at our ride!

Talking about tour, no one can does it better than the local! Went around starting from Tegalalang, Gunung Kawi, Tirta Uluwatu and made our final stop in Luwak Coffee Plantation. We just love the fact that this tour is so much more than what it might be seen. Our lovely driver and our tour guide are both from Ubud. They shared a lot of stories and histories of Balinese that are so interesting and eye opening.

So happy to see how Balinese preserve their cultures. How well it infused into their daily life and even more watching people who come across the globe, seeking the opportunities, trying to experience how amazing to live in serenity, in a place called, Ubud.

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