Gili Lankanfushi

6:44 PM

We just had the hardest good bye. Keep convincing ourselves that we’ll come back to this place, the hidden paradise, the pioneer to the ethical, sustainable, barefoot luxury in the Maldives, Gili Lankanfushi From the very first moment we stepped into this beautiful paradise, we can feel the warm hospitality and eco friendly concepts of this resort. Truly a place for us to enjoy the luxury at our own pace, in our own way. A place where we arrive as guests, leave as friends and return as family.

Three nights are definitely not enough for us. We had such a hard feeling the moment we had to leave the island of Lankanfushi. I guess it is the people who makes it so memorable. We can feel the high level of service from all lines. It is the service from their heart. From the General Manager, the Executive Chef, to all of our host. The eco friendly and sustainability concept are the next reason why we feel so good during our stay in Gili. It’s like the best feeling ever to live surrounded by the beautiful nature. Knowing that we are there to take part and learn how to live hand in hand in wild. Preserving the nature just the way it is. Without harming them.

Each and every over water villa has the rustic-luxe design combining the recycled materials with sumptuous textiles. Offering direct access to lucent turquoise waters surrounding the island resort. The design emphasizes the connection between the land and sea. With the glass panels in every living room, offering the glimpse of the corals blooming below. While the daybed on the private roof terrace can be made up for a night spent sleeping under the stars. The Gili Lagoon Residence also offers a luxurious lagoon hammock.

The next thing that we hardly forget is their sumptuous meals. Starting from our first dinner, until the last breakfast that we had right before we left the island are not only delicious, but also hearty and tasty. We believe that this wonderful gastronomy experience starts from their very own organic garden. The Executive Chef Aldo Cadau and his team trying their best to use the local sources, where everything made from scratch.

Other than the beautiful rustic property, Gili Lankanfushi is blessed with the very large lagoon surrounding the island resort. As pioneer of sustainable tourism in the Maldives, Gili employs two dedicated marine biologists aim to protect and replenish the island’s house reef. Gili Lankanfushi’s coral nursery has been very successful on their conservations efforts and help to replenish other’s island coral nurseries. Such a noble act that should been followed by other resort in this world.

From Gili Lankanfushi we learn that our direct act to preserve this environment will grant us such a great and wonderful feeling as human being. To live hand in hand surrounded by the beautiful nature is not only a dream but a beautiful reality in this island of Lankanfushi.

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