Ritz Carlton Tokyo

7:47 AM

When we told our friends that we’re going to stay in Ritz Carlton, they all said that we’ll enjoy our stay so so much. “You will love the hotel”. “It’s beautiful”. “It’s the tallest hotel in Tokyo. You will experience sleeping in Tokyo’s highest bed”. “Their food are amazing”.

Well, we have to admit that none of those are wrong. We truly had the best time! From the moment we arrived in the hotel, a proper welcome delivered by the friendly concierge team who escorted us directly to 45th floor, the grand lobby. 

Since we arrive earlier than the check in time, club lounge access does really give a lot of extras. We could stay, unwind and relax at anytime of the day. Provided with exclusive check in and check out facility in 53rd floor with free flow food and beverages. Starting from breakfast, tea time and everyone’s favorite, happy hour with their wonderful drink selections.

Got to say that it was one breath taking experience when we first enter to our room. Located in 52nd floor, overlooking Tokyo city view. In addition to that, we should not forget to mention about the size of our room. We just can’t believe how spacious it is! Their room size varies starting from 52-300 square meters. Unbelievably spacious in one the most prestigious area in Tokyo. Roponggi.

We did notice that throughout our stay, this hotel was never been empty. The bar and lobby lounge always packed not only by the hotel’s guest but also the outsider. We love the ambience so much. Warm and cozy. No matter how packed the lobby was, there must be friendly staff who always be there to assist us. Saying hello and look forward to bright up our day.

The great location of this hotel and the fact that it is also the tallest hotel in Tokyo are might be two strong reasons why Ritz Carlton Tokyo is famous among locals and tourists. In order to elevate the guest’s experience, all the hotel’s restaurants are located in 45th floor. 

Each and every restaurant offer different point of view from the city that never sleep. Our favorite city, Tokyo. From Towers we could dine in while facing two city’s famous landmark, Tokyo Sky Tree and Tokyo Tower. Therefore they named it Towers.

As for their Japanese restaurant, Hinokizaka, we can’t help but admire its beautiful interior. Different from the other part of the hotel, the newly renovated Hinokizaka offer modern Japanese ambience with spectacular sunset view. Can’t believe the fact that they handpicked the artisan materials needed for Hinokizaka's interior. But well, we can see that their hard work paid off.

Other than the people, the architecture, their delicious food, should there is one more thing that really please us throughout our stay, that might be the famous Tokyo winter illuminations. We have one giant installations right in our door step. Each and every night we had the privilage to enjoy beautiful light installations from our room. Watching it over and over again. Isn't it amazing? We are happy child!

Arigatou gozaimasu Ritz Carlton Tokyo! Surely we’ll come back for more! Thank you for spotless enjoyable experience. Truly unforgetable.

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  1. Oh my god I'm totally living for the view! Glad that you had a nice time staying at Ritz Carlton!