Hyatt Centric Ginza

1:22 PM

Konnichiwa! Hello from the modest hotel in Ginza. The edgy, chic and artsy Hyatt Centric Ginza! From the moment we step into this hotel, we can already feel the modern Japanese ambience and we LOVE it. Built and designed by local Japanese architect, we are totally in love with every corner of this one year old property. The hotel and the people give us such a strong, youth and positive energy.

What impressed us more is the fact that Hyatt Centric Ginza successfully created a great bond with its surrounding. Located in iconic Namiki Street, where all the branded luxurious brands located at, we hardly believe that the old hotel building was originally occupied by Asahi Shimbun, one of the biggest newspaper company in Japan.

Hyatt doing such an impressive work transforming the old newspaper building into sparkling new modern hotel without losing its roots. Even it’s modern, the guest would be able to relate to the hotel building history. Such a wonderful idea. Perfectly executed. It is like experiencing an old and new thing in one body. Modern but historical.

When the guest arrive at the lobby, we are hundred percent guarantee that they will impressed with the open lobby concept. Their receptionist won’t stand behind the table as usual, but they will stand next to the guest to share the same table. Isn’t it interesting?

Next to the reception area would be our fave part of the hotel. The library lounge! We can stay forever in their comfortable library lounge. I will read and Dion comfortably working with his laptop. Loving their books selections that are mostly about the Japanese Culture, photography, fashion and Japanese life style. It draws us closer to the Japanese origin.

As for the hotel room, we can say that it is more like sleeping in pop art studio room. It is colorful, spacious and very functional. When talking about hotel room in heart of Tokyo, people mostly are worried about two things. Either is cramp or it is old. Assure you, this one is legit. None of those two matters will haunt you throughout your stay here.

Even more it is located right in the heart of Ginza. Talking about Ginza, actually this is our first time staying in Ginza area. Guess what, we are so not going back to Shinjuku and Shibuya area where we used to stay. Ginza is far more quiet and not as touristy as Shinjuku. It is perfect for business, shopaholic and family at the same time.

A trip won’t be perfect without good decent meal. Won’t you agree with me? Anybody here skeptical about hotel’s meal? Expensive yet nothing special? Well, not this time. Whenever you’re staying in Hyatt Centric Ginza, please don’t skip your breakfast (at least). We love their buffet breakfast spread. It is one of the best hotel buffet breakfast that we have ever tasted.

Located in Namiki667, we never skipped a day without breakfast during our stay in Hyatt Centric Ginza. When night comes, Namiki667 offers such a great unwind relaxing ambience from their bar lounge. Other than the hotel itself, we can see that this restaurant is doing really well as one of local’s favorite hang out place.

Should we have to wrap the whole experience up, we would say that this is a hotel that will give you that positive energy to wake up, dress up and do great. To be honest we saw so many beautiful good looking guests throughout our stay. Guess everybody agreed with us about how do we feel with this hotel. We truly had a great time. Very highly recommended!

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