Journey Back Home to Mandapa, a Ritz Carlton Reserve

10:02 PM

Every visit to Mandapa will forever bring us under the spotlight. People will be watching our social media closely to know more about this beautiful resort. For us, Mandapa is not just beautiful as a property and resort, it is a reserve. Indonesian might not be familiar with the reserve concept but worry not, we were the same. Our first visit to Mandapa last year totally changed our point of view. Mandapa introduced us the whole new concept of a reserve property.

We are loving the commitment built by Mandapa in upholding the local Balinese culture, specifically Balinese in Ubud. Ubud been famous as a place for retreat, healing and centre of Balinese culture. Located in Sayan, Ubud, Mandapa beautifully blending herself with the local. Just like the meaning behind its name, Mandapa, means a temple, sanctuary, where the guest would be able to experience high standard of luxurious Ritz Carlton property, delivered with Balinese finesse.

I am still in an awe, every single time we arrive in their arrival hall. They don’t have any reception table or so but their friendly GM and staff will always be there to welcome you. A very warm welcome to each and every guest. Who needs the reception table anyway?

We felt even more special knowing they did take a complete note about our last visit. Our preference. What we’ve done. What we’re into. They provide us with exact same villa to welcome us back home! A new itinerary offered for us so that we could experience something new during our second visit. They are just incredibly thoughtful.

Coming back to Mandapa brings us into joy, watching how much this beautiful village has grown. Look at this gorgeous bamboo house, the new Mandapa Kids Camp! This new camp makes me dreaming of having my own kids playing and spending their days here with Manda, the lucky in house cow!

Our butler did explain that currently they are in their way expanding the residences area and adding more facilities to the resort. Guess they are just tempting us to come back soon, or we’ll miss out lot of fun! We can’t be more grateful to be a small part of Mandapa. For two of us that’s the beautiful thing about travelling. Get in touch with the people, their culture, keep going back watching them grow and get inspired.

Allow us to recommend you few things that surely not to be missed during your stay in Mandapa. First, joining their Balinese rituals. They offer range of activities to get us closer with Balinese local culture, trust me it’s a fun thing to do. Just pick one that suits you and your family best. You will have the best time! (away from your cellphone).

Second, experience the luxury of Indonesian Food Heritage in Sawah Terrace. Sawah Terrace used to serve fusion dish, but from this year onwards, they specialize in authentic Indonesian food. The guest would be able to experience and enjoy Indonesian dish in very Indonesian way. The whole experience is  interesting, even for us the local Indonesian guest. Their Oxtail Soup and Ice Cendol are to die for. All made from scratch. In their kitchen.

Third, last but not least, the most exciting part, the Mandapa Camp! We would totally recommend Mandapa Camp for your little ones. Still in the spirit of Mandapa Reserve, kids will be brought away from the city’s life and back to nature. The friendly staff will show kids how to plant and harvest, doing some handicraft, recycling and making their own toys from scratch. Not forget to mention, the kids are welcomed to interact with their cute inhouse livestock! A cow named Manda is my fave!

So that would be all this time. Hope it helps to cure your curiosity about Mandapa. We truly looking forward to our next visit. There will be something new and exciting from Mandapa that we can proudly present to you. Til next time!

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