NO BAKE Marie Regal Cheese Cake

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NO BAKE. Yes you read this right. This delicious recipe requires no oven. No baking. Even you might need no mixer, just whisk your ingredients right. Lots of friend told me that they almost have no time to bake or to prepare homemade snack for their kids. Worry not, this recipe might be the one that you’re looking for. It’s super easy, you can make everything in one batch, have it stowed in the chiller and enjoy it anytime of the day!

You can use any brand of cream cheese that is available in any supermarket. Philadelphia, Anchor, Elle Vire, any brand that you fancy! Just make sure to bring your cream cheese to room temperature before using it. Try to loosen it and do a touch test. There is no point of whisking a hard solid cream cheese unless you wanna be a Rambo. Kidding!

I find that powdered sugar working fine for this recipe. There is no certain need to use icing sugar. I personally don’t really fancy icing sugar since it’s too overly sweet for me. Anytime possible I’ll try not to use any icing sugar. Thank God this recipe works well with powdered sugar. I really want to elevate the marie regal and cream cheese combinations. Beside, you will get the elegant sweetness from the salted caramel. YUM!

As for the caramel sauce, it’s totally up to you either you want to get one from any baking store, supermarket around the neighborhood , or to make your own caramel sauce. It’s so easy and simple. Should you ask me, you know that I love making things from scratch, so why don’t just give it a try? Another option is either you want to keep it classic with no salt, or you are welcomed to add some salt and turn it into yummy delicious salted caramel!

The last part to add on into this little cup of happiness would be the heavy cream! Well, since this cup has been loaded with so much goodness from the cream cheese, the caramel sauce, I would prefer to stick to non dairy cream. Surprise? Please don’t. Always read your food label. Not all cream are dairy based. Should you love a lighter version that is not too milky, non dairy cream would be just perfect. Please be mindful not to overwhipped it.

Get your kids, friends and your loved ones to help up in assembling this cup of happiness! Start with two tablespoon of marie regal crunch, followed by your cream cheese mixture, some caramel sauce and then your whipped cream. To finish off, one big marie regal cookie on top. Ready to dig in??

Before sharing this simple easy recipe, allow me to share the new look of Bakepack’s Marie Regal Salted Caramel Cake. Can’t you tell how much my husband, Dion, loving the new look of our cake? So happy to see how much his photography skill improves from day to day. Hope you love the new look too!

Well, that would be all for now. Share us some love and photos should you manage to spare some time to practice this simple and easy recipe. Home made is always the best.


Ingredients (make 12 small individual cups)


·        10 Marie Regal cookies
Cheesecake Filling:

·        225 g full-fat cream cheese, softened to room temperature
·        3 tablespoons powdered sugar
·        ¼ cup Marie Regal Cookie crumb
·        1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
·        1 cup (240ml) heavy cream
Optional Toppings:

·        Whipped cream
·        Salted Caramel sauce to drizzle (2 cups of sugar, 12 tbsp unsalted butter, 1 cup heavy cream, 1 tbsp salt)
·        Marie Regal cookie (whole)


1.      Make the crust: Pulse cookies in a food processor until finely ground or you can easily chop and crush it. Divide evenly between individual serving dishes (about 2 tablespoon per serving dish).

2.      Make the filling: In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar, Marie Regal cookie crumb and vanilla extract. Whisk well until combined and completely smooth (or beat with an electric mixer until smooth). Using an electric mixer (or hand whisk), whisk heavy cream until soft peaks form. Using a spatula, gently fold half of the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture, then fold in the other half.

3.      Make the salted caramel sauce: There are only four ingredients needed. Sugar, butter, heavy cream, and salt. Simple as can be and with those four ingredients, you know it’s going to be good! You don’t have to use a candy thermometer with this recipe, but you do have to watch the caramel sauce VERY closely! You don’t want to burn it and it can start turning dark in color quickly. The caramel sauce should be a dark amber color. Add the butter and stir until it melts into the sauce. Carefully pour in the heavy cream. The caramel sauce will be hot and you don’t want it to splash. Add the  salt. DONE.

4.      Assembly: Build your base using two tablespoon of Marie Regal cookie crunch. Evenly spoon (or pipe using a piping bag) cheese filling into each serving dish. If the spread is very soft, place the cups in the freezer for several minutes so it’s easier to add the next layer. Drizzle some salted caramel, topped with whipped cream, if desired. Cover and place in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving, or up to 3-7 days.

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  1. Kak Fiona, thank you so much for the recipe. Pasti akan secepatnya aku cobain resepnya, terimakasih 😍🙏