Ritz Carlton Bali

8:33 AM

FINALLY! Yes finally we landed ourselves in Ritz Carlton Bali! Been travelling around and staying in other Ritz Carlton property around the world, it’s quite strange that we had never experience the Ritz Carlton property in our home country. So here we are!

Entering the arrival gate, we already had the feeling that this property gonna be awesome and majestic. It is huge, spacious and elegant, very Ritz Carlton but of course with a taste of Bali.

Facing the beautiful Indian Ocean, the open concept lobby and lounge is surely not to be missed should you want to chill during the day time. It is bright, breezy and comfy. Just hit all the right notes to distress ourselves.

Taking place in Nusa Dua, one of Bali’s hottest spot, this large property is not just perfect for couple but also for meeting, conference and family! YES! During our stay we saw lots of young family travelling with their children enjoying their holiday.

When we take a look into the size of their suites and villa, surprise not, it is one of the answer why parents love this resort so much. It is large and spacious. Good for couple and more than enough should you travel with your kids.

Other than that, Ritz Carlton chose to keep the nature and surrounding just the way it is. So we definitely would be able to see the green plantation everywhere. Very relaxing and comforting in the midst of Bali’s heat.

Nothing can beat the beautiful greenery when it meets the clear blue ocean view. We should not forget to mention that they do have this huge koi pond. Even adults will love it. Imagine taking a slow stroll around the garden and end our walk  in this koi pond, doing some picnic while feeding the koi? It’s priceless!

Right before the day end, make your way to the beach front and take your family, friends and little ones to enjoy the bonfire and some marshmallow! Special in every Tuesday and Friday there will be movie under the star. So better take your notes now, right it down and start planning your visit to Ritz Carlton Bali.

Allow us to give our best advice based on our own experience throughout our stay in Ritz Carlton Bali. First, BEJANA. Bejana is an elegant cliff restaurant serving a very authentic Indonesian dishes with such a spectacular ocean view setting. Surely not to be missed! Do try their Seafood Pesmol Soup, Sate Lilit and their Balinese dessert. Long story short, just order their Rijsttafel menu. It is such an unforgettable dining experience for two of us. Well done!

Second, their couple spa treatment in their spa village. Yes, they have what they called as spa village. Because the area is just so huge, equipped with their Balinese bathing pool and the hydro jet pool. The couple spa treatment will provide you with your own spa villa, complete with private hot tub. Just before the treatment end, you’ll be served with refreshing glass of champagne and strawberry chocolate dipped. How does it sounds like? 

Heaven. Yes! That would be all from us. We hope that you enjoyed and we could give you a better insight about this beautiful property. Book and reserve yours now to avoid disappointment. Hope you can enjoy the resort as much as we do! Cheers!

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