Rimba Jimbaran by AYANA

8:56 PM

It is kind of amazing to be back in Rimba after our first visit three years ago, right in their first opening year. We got so many things to catch up on! This place is beyond amazing. Really, we really happy to take part and witness how much one property grow bigger and better from time to time. Apart from its fast changing, we could still see familiar faces from their loyal and passionate staff member. Nothing is better than seeing the familiar faces again.

Managed by Ayana, Rimba grows rapidly with its young market. We can’t deny the fact that this property is just so picturesque. So green. Located in one giant complex together with Ayana Resort, all guests are welcomed to enjoy range of five stars facilities available in both luxurious properties. It’s one stop living concept. Very convenient. We don’t even need to step outside of this place since we got everything that we need here.

There are so many new things here and there but it’s good to see that business seems doing really well in both properties. On top of that, we are amazed by how passionate all the staff is. No matter how busy they are, they always have the nicest smile and the warmest welcome to help us out with everything that we could possibly need. They are amazing! Inspired me in so many ways.

Whenever you are in Rimba, make time and spend as long as you could possibly can in their beautiful pools. They have at least three different pool for us to enjoy. Hop on and off from one pool to another. Watching the clouds passing by. I could literally do this all day!

Second, you should not miss Kampoeng Bali. It is an extravagant outdoor dining venue where we could enjoy authentic Balinese buffet while watching Balinese traditional dancing performances. During full moon, they will invite local artists to join and show us their specialities. We would definitely recommend this to all of our friends.

Last but not least and my favorite is their Orchid Tea Lounge! It is the most beautiful tea lounge that I ever been to. It is located in the middle of paddy field, glasshouse with so many beautiful orchid inside. They do usually get very busy in the afternoon so you might want to make a reservation to reserve the best spot inside this beautiful glass house.

That would be all from us this time. This blog post, our photos might not do any justice to the beautiful Rimba. You should come and experience it yourself!

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