Labuan Bajo with Ayana Komodo

2:24 PM

Labuan Bajo is AMAZING. Looking back into my past five years experiences as a flight attendant and one year and a half marrying a traveler husband, Labuan Bajo is definitely one of the most beautiful destination that I’ve ever been to. This place is like a dream. It has world’s beautiful lagoon, home for beautiful corals and fishes and not forget to mention the island hoping experiences. Just way too much for me!

I waking up each and everyday and keep in an awe. I remember that I keep on saying “Oh my God” throughout the journey. My eyes forever teary looking at this beautiful serenity. I witness myself how beautiful this nature could be when we, human, work hand in hand keeping it wild and just the way it is. Far from our interference.

It is such an eye opening journey to me. I marked one milestone, first time ever in my life I do experience living on board and I survived! Four days three nights with almost no make up (only set of skincare), no hair dryer, no hair tong. I could just rely on the sea breeze to dry out my hair, jump into the water again and keep repeating same motion.

I learned that the more we travel, the more we will find who ourselves are. People could tell us this and that, sometime we could be trapped and forever being judged, but, by travel and going to new, different kind of place, challenge ourselves, we would find who ourselves truly are. Prepared to get surprised! No one is that boring.

This Labuan Bajo is a must. We would recommend to come between the month of May-September. When there is much sun in this area. Most of activities are outdoor so we really would rely on the weather. The further you go from the main island, the further the view is. Island hoping is mandatory. You won’t get the best of Labuan Bajo when you’re just staying in the main island.

When you’re going in a big group with bunch of crazy friends, try to charter the whole ship and experience LOB (Living on Board). Should you prefer to stay on land, we would strongly recommend Ayana Komodo as your primary option and don’t forget to take their water activities options. They have it opened for guest daily and don’t worry, it is kids friendly!

Should you are interested to go for a luxurious cruise around the Komodo National Park area, allow us to introduce you to the latest addition to Ayana Komodo family, the Ayana Lako Di’a. Ayana Lako Di’a is a luxurious private cruise that is available for day trip, LOB and also for private chartered. We have no word to express how beautiful this ship is. It is much more than what we could expect from a floating bed!

Well, we hoped that you enjoy and will consider Labuan Bajo as one of your next holiday destinations. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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