Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

9:06 AM

I used to live in Singapore. Dion always come to visit once in a month. Well we did it at least for two years before I went back for good to Indonesia. I remember that time we loved to explore around the island. Up to Upper Seletar, Henderson Waves, Marina Barrage, all over the island. Way before Garden by the Bay and Changi Jewel. I know, Singapore grows rapidly in a blink of an eye.

Long story short, we used to enjoy Singapore, just like the local. But this time, we’ll do it in a different way. Ritz Carlton way. Been lucky, couple of times staying in Ritz Carlton property around the world, we can’t deny that every Ritz Carlton property will always offer us a very high level of comfort.

Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore might be 20 years old in number, but, there is a reason why it’s ranked as the best city hotel in Singapore. Located in the heart of Singapore’s new downtown core, this hotel provides you with a spectacular view from each and every room. Trust me, the best part is to enjoy it while soaking in bubble bath from our own hotel room. Definitely a ritual that is not to be missed during your stay.

Our hosts shared us some stories about this hotel building. How it is built beautifully according to perfect fengshui. The very first moment when we stepped into the lobby area, we’re welcomed with a high ceiling lobby surrounded by the glass window created a grand welcome to each and every guest. And of course, a grand lobby won’t be complete without its grand stairs. It’s just WOW. We can’t tell that this property is 20 years old!

We know that whenever you come to Singapore, you will tend to stay outside for a whole day and get back once it’s dark outside. That could be fun, but, what if you have 24 hours access to one of the highest Club Lounge in Singapore with free flow food and drinks? Well, you might want to consider the Ritz Carlton Millenia Club Lounge Access.

Located in 32nd floor, it offers you the best view from the top. They do five times meal changes per day with free flow drinks. I just can’t believe it. The buffet might not be as big as the one that they have downstairs in Colony, but to be honest, we love how peaceful this lounge is. We can unwind and relax at anytime of the day with free flow food and drinks.

Had to admit we had a hard time leaving our hotel. Might be the first time (ever) throughout our stay in Singapore, we prefer to stay in rather than exploring the city. It’s just that GOOD. Talking about food, oh my God, I have no word. Exceptional. The local must be agree with us. Summer Pavilion, set a high benchmark and totally change our view on how good Modern Chinese food could be. It is grant with Michelin Star for three consecutive years!

So, are you tired and bored of staying in Orchard? This one is for you. We believe you won’t regret it. You will start enjoying Singapore in a whole different way. And you will never turn back. See you next time!

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