The Ultimate Capella Singapore

7:34 PM

Should there is one word to better sum up our Capella Singapore’s experience, that would be ULTIMATE. Yes, from the very first moment we stepped into our Range Rover transport, to warm welcome inside their green (hidden) sanctuary, you will never imagined there is this kind of historical, beautiful and serene place in modern hustle bustle Singapore.

A perfect getaway might be the concept offered by Capella Singapore for each and every guest. With their private resort concept, every guest would be able to enjoy the private luxury along three Singapore’s very own beaches. All are accessible from your door step. It will allow you to relax and pause for a while from the buzzling city life.

We are so in love with their historic and colonial sites. What could be better than watching historical sites that are well taken care of. In addition to that, they have this beautiful landscapes, beautiful plantation, lavish and green surrounding the white colonial building. Can’t ask for more!

When doing the booking, guest will be suggested by Capella very own culturist who will make sure each and every part of their stay memorable. Specially for us, we had a great time attending fun baking class with Capella Pastry team. Definitely the best baking class that we have ever attended! They are not just friendly but also talented. How lucky we are to get to learn directly from the pro.

Should there is one more thing that is not to be missed during your visit to Capella Singapore would be, their infamous Auriga Spa. It’s mind blowing. It’s that good. Really really good. Everything was on point. All that stress and fatigue just disappeared. Every in house guest are welcomed to use the spa facilities. We would strongly recommend you to give it a try. You won’t regret it!

And one last thing! Do not miss your breakfast at The Knolls. Other than their great buffet selections, where else you got a breakfast accompanied by the beautiful peacocks? Well, we can’t forget how delicious their laksa is.  Even the non breakfast person like me enjoyed it very much. What about you?

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