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If we have to pick one word to describe our very first Amankila experience, that would be speechless. Well, we heard so many good and wow things about Aman resort and this one is no exception. For us, Amankila is like no other place in this world. It is the best place not just for the honeymooners but also for retreat and some quality time with your loved ones. This place, the vibe, the staff are so lovely. You will just sync in to your relax mode and enjoying the moment.

Amankila is unlike other luxurious hotel. It is a home, away from home. The beautiful 27 years old property might not be that sparkling new but when you take a look more closely into their design, trust me you'll be in such an awe. Everything is pleasently and esthetically placed. Precision. Symmetrical. It's just very beautiful.

Of course they adapt such a strong Balinese concept but very sophisticated. I can't really find a word to best describe it, but maybe it's just very AMAN. Therefore this place is so unique. Bali in very AMAN way. Things around your suite and the resort could be minimalist but curated nicely. I love every single thing that I found in my suite. Their gold foil stationary set, their custom made candle, even their own unique way to hang our towel. Am I officially an AMAN junkie now?

Should I have to highlight one more thing from Amankila, that would be their staff. The Amankila family. Which two third of them are local Karangasem residents. Not just Balinese, but specifically they are the local who lives around Amankila. There is no other people who could serve the guest better than the local itself. Giving us the very unique experience just like welcoming the guest to their own home.

Amankila might have been around for twenty seven years, but the level of service provided, is in another level. Very beautiful color to add on into the infamous Balinese hospitality. There will be a sad feeling by the time you have to leave this beautiful home. But the good news is, you can always come back for more. To create another memory to cherish for a lifetime. There won't be any regret. Trust me! Thank you Amankila, 'til next time.

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  1. Amankila memang viewnya keren, dlu waktu kecil pernah nganter paman nganter barang cargo.. ditunggu updatenya lagi mas Dion & mbak Fionna :)